People who are new to the power of healing may have to make a leap of faith before investing in the services of a healer.

    Suzi is well used to helping clients overcome any scepticism and feel for themselves the benefits, even if they don’t believe at the start of the process.

    “If they would like to, at the very beginning clients can join me in a prayer to the divine where we ask for a blessing for the healing. The next thing I do is use my dowsing rods to help detect any negative energy around the house. I let my clients hold the rods and feel them move. So many are surprised that even in their own hands the rods are changing position, with seemingly no input from them. It is one of the ways that helps people understand there is a real problem that needs to be addressed. After the healing process has taken place we are able to move around the house with the rods and we can all see and feel the difference now that the negative energy has gone.

    “Even my brother-in-law, who has struggled to understand what I do and was very sceptical, was blown away when he tried the dowsing rods himself. For some people it can be very difficult to define what makes a room not feel right – I can talk clients through what the room is telling me if that helps them understand what is wrong.

    “One client I had was incredibly cynical but I identified that her bed was right over a geopathic stress line, with the line directly running across where her lungs and chest were. She suddenly realised that could be the reason for her recent hospital admission where she had been struggling to breathe but no doctors could identify the cause.

    “I love using the gifts I have to release negative energy and unhappy spirits that may be trapped in a home. It is wonderful when my clients become involved and can really feel the tranquillity and positive energy, and the house simply being more at peace with itself. I’m very open to helping clients be a part of the process if they wish to. Or if they don’t that is also absolutely fine.”

    Another client from North London had no idea what to believe about Suzi’s services. He said: “I didn’t really have a strong view either positively or negatively about healing before I asked Suzi to help, but just felt I should give it a try. It was a good decision! Suzi was able to heal my flat and garden and make it a happier place to be and it has been a really worthwhile investment.”

    So even if you are still feeling any niggling doubts about how the healing works, you can rest assured that your home can still become more harmonious and happier, whether you believe or not.