Vortex Energy Healing

Vortex Healing® Energetic Therapy was first discovered 5,600 years ago and is a method in which divine light or energy is channelled in a specified direction by the healer. 

This energy contains all the vibrational octaves in the universe, from the highest to the densest. It is a method of finding and cleansing negative energies in the body, mind and your environment. 

Suzi describes it as an ancient healing technique that works on a physical and emotional level to clear negativity, ease stress and remove emotional blocks. People see Suzi for a number of reasons. They may feel depleted of energy and need a boost, or they may suffer from tension, migraines, depression, insomnia or aches and pains in the body. 

Each healing session begins with a full consultation, then the client lies on a table and Suzi places her hands on either side of their head or on a specific joint if that's where the problem lies. She then channels healing energy to where it's needed. Some people feel a warmth or a tingling sensation and many say how wonderful they feel after a session. 

If healing a property, Suzi checks for dark, heavy areas and any lingering entities, as well as geopathic stress lines. She then channels the energy outwards to clear the atmosphere, re-energise it and bring the environment back into harmony.

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