Justine Hankin Acupuncturist

I cannot recommend Suzi highly enough! She is a pleasure to work with, totally reliable and a mind of information.

She has worked wonders on my treatment rooms and also in the houses of the many patients I have referred to her over the past 15 years, knowing she would be able to help them. Without exception they have loved meeting Suzi, been fascinated to learn and watch how she works and have been delighted with the results of her work.

Every single one has reported huge changes in their homes, both in how they feel emotionally and how they look physically. Her work has quite simply made their homes more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. They have reported how her work has resulted in physically brighter rooms, a more relaxed atmosphere and a more harmonious environment where family members interact in more positive ways, literally creating a happier home.

I have also benefitted from her expertise. I have two treatment rooms, one of which Suzi very kindly cleared for me when visiting my practice. From then on my patients more often than not stated a preference to be treated in the room she had healed, even though I had not told them she had worked on it. It was therefore vital Suzi cleared both of my rooms to make the environment in which I worked as welcoming and comfortable as possible!

The impact her work had on my patients was astonishing. In the days following her work many of my patients commented on how bright my rooms were - even asking if I had had them redecorated. The atmosphere in my rooms was also calmer, which in turn enhanced my ability to treat my patients. When I explained what Suzi had done many of my patients went on to ask her to work on their homes because they could see and feel the benefits first hand.

All homes and organisations would be better places with Suzi's expert touch!

Justine Hankin Acupuncturist
BSc(Hons)Acupuncture, Dip Ac(China), MBAcC