Over the years, my lovely clients have been kind to leave a testimonial for my services and I am proud to display them here.

I would also like to thank a few of my clients who kindly said yes to highlight them on my website, and they include:

Arundel Castle
Earls Garden for the Duchess of Norfolk
Cowdray Park and Lady Cowdray
Tiger Aspects Productions
Lady Shakira Caine
Natasha Caine
Paul McKenna
Liz Carling
Members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Tango Dance Group, Berlin
Lloyds of London
Charlotte Riley
India Jane Birley
Edina Ronay
Emma Watson

For more testimonials, please see below:

In her 36-year career, Suzi has helped hundreds of clients in the UK and abroad. These testimonials are reprinted with their permission:

“Having been recommended by a friend in London, we invited Suzi to heal our home in mid-Devon. After spending a bit of time understanding the lay of the land, and setting up her equipment, she asked me to repeat what she did with a pair of dowsing rods. Having never held dowsing rods before, I was very sceptical about them working for me, but they did, and surprisingly, with very little effort, rotating in a circular movement.

Next, Suzi spent considerable time and energy healing each room in our house and then outside across our 2 acres, and then finally in our outbuildings and annexe – separate from our home.

This took many hours as she carefully and effectively expelled the negative energy and negative entities from our cottage.

Once complete, she asked me to hold the dowsing rods again, yet this time, when rotating in a circular movement, they did so in the opposite direction. Besides each room and space seeming lighter and brighter, softer and more positive, the dowsing rods moving in the opposite direction to before the healing, was all the tangible evidence I needed to prove it had been effective.

What’s more, shortly after Suzi healed our home, our lives took a turn for the best, which continued for the rest of our time at Mear Cottage.

Now living in Hampshire, once restrictions have eased and life resumes to as close to normal as we can expect, we’ll be inviting Suzi to come to our new home, which is dark and oppressive in areas, shrouded in history, and definitely needs a lot of work!”

Jane Taylor, Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications

A walk in the Dartington Hall Gardens.
On a stormy windy autumn afternoon I would not have considered risking the unpredictability of trees dropping branches as we walked. Suzi stood beneath an ancient ‘Lucombe Oak’ (1762) and began to give it a blessing and healing. I stood some distance away in case the worst should happen and a branch drop to the ground. The wind began to ease as we walked up the drive to the large Davidia which she also blessed and healed. As we walked back towards the Swan Fountain we stopped and chatted. There was no wind and the sky began to lighten. She began healing the water which flows down through the Valley Field.

Along the Sunny Border we sat on the bench in the warm sunlight as if it was a summer evening.

I have known the Dartington Hall Gardens since I was a horticultural student in the 1960’s and have lived on the estate ever since.

It was an amazing experience which I will never forget.

Mary Bartlett MA. F.L.S.


"Suzi has healed two of our houses in the last 10 years and both times she has worked her magic and cleared the heavy energy that seemed to be weighing us down.  The light in our house now feels crystal clear and the energy is light and positive.  Truly a gifted lady." Sarah Nelson


"I cannot recommend Suzi highly enough! I have two treatment rooms, one of which Suzi very kindly cleared for me when visiting my practice. From then on my patients more often than not stated a preference to be treated in the room she had healed, even though I had not told them she had worked on it. It was therefore vital Suzi cleared both of my rooms to make the environment in which I worked as welcoming and comfortable as possible!" Justine Hankin, BSc(Hons)Acupuncture, Dip Ac(China), MBAcC

"The space healing is fantastic on my house and office, it is a very different vibration. I am very impressed."
 Paul McKenna

"I had never considered having energy cleansing carried out on a property before, but highly recommend it to those who seek an enormous improvement in the atmosphere of their buildings,whether residential or commercial. This improvement can enhance one's lifestyle and commercial ventures enormously,and the positive power of Suzi's work should be acknowledged highly." Susanna Samson, Susanna Samson Design

"After working on a property in Marrakesh for me, I noticed an instant change in atmosphere. A real feeling of peace. The colours of the house and garden shone and a sense of vitality was noticeable quite quickly. Suzi not only dispels all negativity from a house but opens it up to real positivity. Faces relax and even builders are happy working on a 'healed' house."
 India Jane Birley

"Our London flat did not feel like a home until Suzi helped. Suzi has an amazing gift and enveloped our property in light. Negative energies were dispelled. The atmosphere was freer and less dense immediately. The colour of the rooms seemed pinker and warmer. I decided not to tell anyone to see if they noticed any difference and they did! A few days after Suzi had been, my partner said "I don't know why but the flat seems more homely now". One friend even thought I had redecorated. We felt much more at home after Suzi worked her magic! So much so, that we stayed for another year! A year on, we put the flat on the market. The estate agent noticed the lovely feel to the flat and said it would sell quickly. It sold within two weeks and more than one person wanted to buy it.We will invite Suzi to our new home too. Suzi can quickly turn a property into a home filled with light and warmth. We feel blessed to know her. Thank you Suzi!"
 Karen Rafferty

"Suzi has healed more than one house for me. After each visit the places are much lighter. This feeling increases as time goes by. A claustrophobic atmosphere just vanishes after she has been. Friends say they sleep better at my home."I moved into a flat which hadn't been lived in for many years, it had been refurbished but seemed somewhat stale, cold and heavy and I wasn't sleeping very well. Since Suzi used Vortex Healing® on my home it has felt much happier and less gloomy and I began to sleep much better. I will certainly be using Suzi in my next homes."
 Natasha Caine

"I first met Suzi when I contacted her as our children had been unwell for a prolonged period of time.Since then she has done her magic in four properties for us. Each time she has healed a house we have been amazed by the results. Not only is everything much more peaceful and calm within the properties,but that also has seeped into the rest of our lives.
The children are better and happier and life just seems lighter."
 Serena Coulton

"We had always felt that in certain parts of the house there was negative energy. Suzi came to the property and was there for the best part of a day, clearing what was there by way of Vortex of Light. We were amazed at the effect that the healing had and noticed a very different feel to the atmosphere. Up until that point there had been an element of family illness and general bad luck. However fortunes changed dramatically since and continue to get better. If we ever bought another property or business we would always ask Suzi to perform healing first. We highly recommend it. Thanks Suzi." 
Michael Murray & Family, Ascot, quoted in The Sunday Times

".. the dowsing rods showed that my space was clear as a bell.." 
Guardian Weekend

"Our company moved to new premises last year and Suzi set about getting rid of the old and negative and instilling some new positive energy. It has proven to be a productive and happy building where the company continues to go strength to strength." 
Maureen McMunn, Director Tiger Aspect Television Production

"After we moved here (a 16th-century Tudor cottage) I felt very ill at ease and didn't feel at all comfortable in certain areas of the house. My husband said that we should wait for Suzi to come work her wonderful magic and if I was still unhappy we could put the house on the market. My prayers were answered. The really dreadful corners were confirmed by the dowsing rods clamping closed. The dog followed Suzi around the house while she worked. A few hours later we revisited the house. The atmosphere was so peaceful - where the dowsing rods had been negative they now swing open. It was amazing. The rooms seemed larger and brighter, not dark, forbidding and claustrophobic, making you feel unable to breathe. Immediately after you left the dog and the cat went to their beds and fell asleep. It was as though they felt safer and at peace. The whole place is more positive now and I feel I can live here after all. This morning when I got up the house felt full of promise, larger and happier. The air seemed to flow freely between the rooms and corridors. I really felt excited for the first time since we moved here. Life now has many possibilities. Thank you Suzi for your help. Your work is so special and I am so happy to have found you. I feel privileged and relieved." 
Barbara Strand, Potter’s Bar, Hertfordshire

"From Suzi working to heal my house, it not only cleansed the house of negative energy but also cleansed me.and had a profound impact. Within a few weeks, I instituted major changes in my life, all of them very healthy. I left the house and am leaving the country and reconstituting my life."
 Doctor, Anon

"As an architect, I felt it was important to put finishing touches to the house – I can fix things physically, but not spiritually or energetically. Suzi could tell where the energy problems were and was able to fix them. When we were choosing our house, we looked at about 100 properties. Each one didn’t feel right; it was something you couldn’t fix, something to do with their energy. We had no idea such atmospheres could be changed through house healing.Suzi treated our favourite rooms in the house and also our seldom-used rooms. Now they all seem connected and more inviting. The healing makes our home feel like a much safer place."
 Mica, Architect, Los Angeles

"After Suzi worked on our house, it felt like a weight had been lifted and we now feel very relaxed there. Suzi electrified the air in the house – the light is visibly different; inside, it now has the clarity of desert light – sharp, big, vibrant… it has depth of field. I feel for the first time that our house is giving something back to me, instead of demanding constant maintenance. Before the house healing the rooms felt disconnected, but now each room is welcoming. The first night after the healing, I didn’t want to go to sleep because everything felt great! Suzi also worked on our garden, where even the ants seem to be moving faster, and gave a healing to my two cats. One of them was from a shelter and has always been very nervous and hyper-active – after their healing, the cats are calmer and are enjoying rediscovering the house again.”
 Greg, Photographer, Los Angeles

"I live in a typically cramped London flat – in the heart of town, right above a rattling tube line and round the corner from a humming telephone exchange. On top of that, the building has WiFi and runs only on electricity for heating, cooking and hot water. I was having trouble waking up, getting to sleep and had regular bouts of 'brain fog'. Were these symptoms and the location connected? Suzi ran a very thorough check with dowsing rods to check specific points of geopathic stress, and ran an electrosmog detector – a handheld scientific instrument – over every inch of the flat, turning up the volume so I could hear what it picked up. The results were shocking – some parts of the walls and floors literally screeched with electric currents running through them. As the apartment is small, I can't move my bed or desk, but at least repositioning the pillow and sleeping at the other end of the bed, moving my desk chair to another side and switching to lamps and candles at night has made a huge improvement and the whole place seems somehow 'lighter', with an improved atmosphere."
 Katia Hadidian, Writer and Editor

"Moving home is never easy and I know it could easily be a traumatic and long winded experience. I decided to call upon Suzi to free the house of negative energies. She spent time identifying the areas where there were problems and after working through it, the house gained a positive feel, with peace and harmony through out. I believe that Suzi helped me achieve an easy and smooth sale, an offer at the asking price within a month, no problems with survey and removal date to suit me. Thank you Suzi."
 Margaret Prior

"I booked an appointment with Suzi Morris almost by mistake, under the assumption that she was a feng-shui expert, but loved the idea of "Space Clearing", which sounded like a promise of spring cleaning of our new house. I soon realized that Suzi's brief was deeper than the simple rearrangement of furniture and mirrors but dealt, through somehow surprising methods,with a deeper meaning of "Spring Cleaning". Within a week of her visit, the energy in the house felt lighter and more positive. In fact the day following her visit, I found myself re-arranging entire rooms for which I had had no inspiration whatsoever since we had moved in six months previously. Overnight, a house we had lived in for months became our home..."
 Stephanie Betts

"After the healing and cleansing of my office from Suzi Morris, the whole office seemed bigger and brighter. All my colleagues from other offices are attracted into my space because they enjoy the atmosphere so much."
 Hugh Lesley, Interior Designer, London

"My five year old daughter had been experiencing terrible nightmares every evening for two years. They were so bad that you couldn't wake her up from them. She was also too scared to go upstairs on her own and would constantly look behind her when she walked up and down the stairs. I could not understand her fear as the house is not too big and there were always lots of people in the house, so she was never on her own. Suzi dowsed the house and found a great deal of geopathic stress that connected upstairs to her bedroom. Suzi asked me to hold the dowsing rods feel the negativities, which was amazing, as I could not believe how much of a mind of their own they had. There was no way that I could make the rods do what they were doing. I could really feel the energy through them. Suzi set about healing the whole house. She got me dowsing again on completion and I could really feel the difference. I immediately felt a sense of relief and somehow the atmosphere seemed so much lighter. My daughter slept through from that night onwards, which is fantastic. She will even go upstairs on her own. I am so pleased, finally I am getting some sleep. I would refer Suzi to anyone who has the same problem as I just wish I had found her sooner. Thank God I found her as I was at my wits end."
 Mrs Emma Coltart

"I felt our factory had a very negative feeling, either from the employees or the site itself. I heard about Suzi and was very willing to give it a go to improve the atmosphere. Suzi moved around the factory with the dowsing rods. It is quite amazing to watch them swing when you walk into a negative area. Suzi was able to identify areas that we had felt were very negative, which confirmed our view with problems we were encountering with key people. We even had a machine in the factory that had broken down and we were at a loss as to how to fix it, being old and out of date. After Suzi’s work on it the machine was back to life the next day! What has transpired since is a much more positive environment, even though we went through a tough period directly afterward but that seemed to be in hindsight part of a clearing that has enabled us to move forward with more positive energy. I believe Suzi’s work on the factory was the start of many positive changes and healing that has continued to work since. Some things happened that appeared to be negative but in hindsight were very positive healing situations that have allowed for changed moods and attitudes by people and shifted what felt like a cloud over the factory."
 Brendan McGrath, Managing Director, Merris Development Engineers, Maidenhead, Berkshire

"Suzi had treated my very troubled flat with great results, so when I bought a City-based takeaway restaurant, I wanted Suzi's expertise...Our biggest problem at the time was that three of the staff (two Chefs and one Counter Assistant) were creating a very unpleasant atmosphere. These employees had stayed beyond their natural time and their hostility was creating a very negative atmosphere for the other staff. Suzi treated the restaurant on Saturday. On Monday the following happened: one of the Chefs tendered his resignation on his arrival, the other Chef notified me he was leaving in 2 months and the Counter Assistant was caught blatantly stealing money from the till. He confessed and was dismissed immediately. The theft alone paid for Suzi's fee (we discovered that he was pocketing at least £50 a session when we saw the increase in takings). The change in atmosphere with the staff was what made a real difference though, and in the catering business your staff and their positive energy is what drives you forward or drags you down."
 Douglas A Huggins, London

"Shortly after moving into my flat 10 years ago, I knew there was something that just wasn't right. I couldn't define it, but I knew something was needed – I just didn't know how to go about sorting it out. It wasn't just me – I learned that several previous residents had a very tough time while living there. When Suzi arrived I felt very comfortable. She found a very strong negative energy in one corner of the sitting room. After talking things through I left Suzi alone and went to visit an upstairs neighbour. When I told my neighbour what Suzi had said about the corner, she went white and told me that was the very spot a previous resident had planted himself for several months while he drank himself to death. My neighbour found him and called the ambulance that took him to hospital where he died soon after. Suzi couldn't have picked this up from me as I didn't even know about it. When I returned to the flat, Suzi told me that it was now clear of negative energy and that my predecessor had been happily released from the space. For the next two weeks I slept more heavily than I'd ever known. What Suzi did for me is truly incredible and I will forever be grateful for her talent."
 Douglas A Huggins, London

"In 2002, Suzi Morris came to cleanse and heal the part of St Saviour's Church that had been developed into a luxury home and was for sale with little success. Suzi found many entities and ghosts, and the house felt sad and depressed. The caretaker told Suzi he always felt tired and had a feeling of a weight hanging over him. When Suzi completed the healing, he felt completely uplifted and happy and was never tired again, from then on enjoying the atmosphere. After a few months, the home was successfully sold." Property developer, St Saviour's Church, Knightsbridge, London

"I asked Suzi to heal my home as I had noticed several ghosts were making a very uneasy and unhappy atmosphere that was affecting me and my family adversely. First Suzi used dowsing rods on the house and grounds, and found two ghosts in our attics. Even my dogs constantly looked up at my kitchen ceiling, where footsteps could often be heard. Suzi said she could feel a very sad and depressing atmosphere which pervaded everywhere. Suzi found another entity in my twin daughters' bedroom, which always felt cold, in spite of adequate heating.  As Suzi dowsed the grounds and stables she noticed the atmosphere worsened, and I had heard that in the past a man had shot someone and then committed suicide there. Even my horses were feeling unwell. Suzi asked me to hold the dowsing rods and to my amazement I could immediately feel the change in energy. Even without the rods I could feel the house had transformed to a much happier atmosphere. I could see all the rooms had more light in them and a feeling of peace pervaded everywhere. It was as if the house was released from its problems and was finally at rest, and had now become our happy family home. My husband had been on the brink of buying another home, but now we are enjoying life here, thanks to the healing. It feels marvellous, and my horse is fit and well and running around in his paddock."
 Michaela Knights, Field Dalling Hall, Norfolk

"After Suzi cleared and healed the house, it felt softer, in harmony and balance. It felt as if it was breathing again. Visitors always notice how calm it is." 
Belynda G. Day, Healer, Hertfordshire

"My flat had felt very heavy and depressed, especially in the basement. The Buddha I had was in the wrong place, which Suzi picked up with the dowsing rods. The Buddha is now very happy placed on a high shelf. After the healing and space clearing the whole flat felt happier and lighter, and I felt very joyful in myself."
 Vicki Romieri, Interior Designer, London

"Although we use the physical properties of glass in architecture to expand a space and improve the wellbeing of the inhabitants by allowing the senses to be more stimulated, Suzi using her own methods seems to expand and clear a space, leaving it feeling balanced and more comfortable to be in."Rod Milicevic, Glass UK

"I was in a doctor's waiting room when last summer when I read about a Vortex healer called Suzi Morris. I felt I was reading this because I was meant to. I was feeling a bit down at the time and had lost my appetite so I went to see Suzi. After a session I went to the pub absolutely starving and had the best bangers and mash I've ever tasted!" 
Liz Carling, Actress, Casualty

“I felt my spine strengthen and lengthen into correct alignment. A lovely feeling of wholeness in mind and body enveloped me. I felt rivulets of warmth and light in my nerve endings and muscles. It was all-pervading.”
 Suki Furse, Interior Designer

"I was suffering from Labrynthitus which I wrongly believed was connected to a neck injury and initially went to Suzi for Alexander Technique lessons, which helped my neck problems enormously. I then began to have healing to help my dizziness and found it really helped. I started to feel more positive, not just in combating the virus but for the stress and strain of life in general. I find the healing to be the most relaxing and soothing thing I do and experience an intense silence and deep inner peace which seems to give me strength. Going for a healing session is a hugely fulfilling treat and I would recommend Suzi to anyone."
 Catherine Atkinson

"For years I have had very painful knees and eventually developed arthritis in my hands. A friend suggested I try a healer. After one healing session I could move my fingers to strengthen them and the swelling started to lift. I couldn't believe it. My knees are now fine and I am walking a long way and can get out of chairs with no pain. It is a great blessing and I am overjoyed."
 Mrs Andrews, 82, Householder and Charity Worker

"I have had many years of ankle trouble after an accident with a dislocated foot and broken ankle. I would wake up and limp. After one session of Vortex Healing® it has gone and I can put weight on it when gardening and carrying heavy sacks of soil and concrete. Also, for the last three years I had two varucas which increased to six. My chiropodist was in despair and suggested healing to boost my immune system. Within three healing sessions they had completely disappeared and my feet were smooth and free of any calluses. My chiropodist and I are amazed and delighted. I also arrived for a healing session one day with severe period pain, feeling bloated. After the healing I felt completely re-energised."
 Helen Barns, Landscape Gardener

"I've been having regular Vortex Healing® and have noticed and felt such profound effects from it. It gives me a sense of inner calm and balance. I feel as if the continuing stresses, strains and anxieties that weigh me down each day have been cleared from my system. I feel cleared, uplifted, restored and ready for the challenges of the new day."
 Davina Catt, 20, University Student       

"I have done the Alexander technique for many years and have experiences a variety of teachers. Suzi is exceptional, she combines a thorough knowledge of the method with a generous heart and a motivation to give her utmost to help the Alexander student move forward. Her lessons have been invaluable, not least because they helped me to beat the migraines that tormented me. I highly recommend Suzi." – Eugenie Rhodes, MA

"I've tried various treatments for nagging pain in my shoulders, which had persisted for six years. Two sessions of the healing has alieviated it, so it no longer bothers me, and now my overarm swimming is not painful."
 Hugh Lesley, Interior Designer

"I came with constant backache and severely aching knees. The backache went after regular sessions and the knee ache has gone. Now I can go traveling for my gap year before starting university." 
Martina, 18, Student, London

“The Alexander Technique is all about change – changing your body. I am straighter and as a result more energetic and clear minded."

"Suzi has changed my life! I learned how to change my body through the Technique. I am now taller, more confident, energetic and sharper – the list goes on! So don’t just sit there, do something to improve how you feel on the inside and out. I did and thanks to Suzi I look and feel amazing” Krishan, Professional Model

"The Alexander Technique has really helped me to manage the fast pace of city life. The lessons help me to unwind and improve my posture."Harriet Worsley, Journalist & Landscape Gardener

"Alexander Technique lessons have been invaluable throughout my pregnancy. I avoided backache and felt strong and able to cope." 
Mrs Rebecca Sampson

"I always feel better after my Alexander Technique lessons, and I look straighter." 
Mrs Rosemary Harris

"For people who suffer backache from sitting in poorly designed office chairs and aeroplane seats, Alexander Technique lessons will be invaluable. I do not consider the lessons to be leisure, but rather a pure necessity." 
Eva Pregon, Banker, London

"I had backache for 15 years. After Alexander Technique lessons I have no more aches and pains, and am now able to do landscape gardening. It has been a life changing experience for me." 
Mrs Helen Barns