Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique helps us become aware of how we perform daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, running and even sleeping. Bad habits that we may be unaware of, such as hunching over a desk, slouching or tensing up as we move, can create tensions in our bodies and seriously compromise our health. By re-educating the body with the Alexander Technique, people often noticeably change shape and become taller, freer, more elastic, elegant and younger-looking, as tensions are released and posture improves. It also brings a feeling of well-being and confidence. Is it suitable for me? 

People from all walks of life benefit from the Alexander Technique: actors and singers with voice and breathing problems; musicians with frozen shoulder; pregnant women suffering from intense backache; office workers with stiff necks; or sportsmen with strained muscles and tendons. 

Suzi’s one-to-one Alexander Technique sessions help you identify and prevent these harmful postural habits, which may be the cause of physical pain and stress, including: 

  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • backache
  • headache
  • anxiety and stress-related conditions
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • neck and shoulder problems
  • repetitive strain injuries 

Is it medically approved?

In August 2008 the results of a major clinical trial by the Medical Research Council and the NHS Research and Development Fund were published. The trial monitored 579 patients and concluded that “Alexander Technique lessons give chronic low-back pain sufferers long-term benefits”. Trial results clearly showed that practising the Alexander Technique leads to long-term benefits: a reduction in the number of days in pain and significant improvement in function and quality of life.  Furthermore, the research revealed that following 24 Alexander Technique lessons, the average number of activities limited by low back pain had fallen by 42%, and the number of days in pain had decreased from 21 to 3 days per month one year after the trial started.

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