Susanna Samson The Vintage Collection

I am the CEO of a long established London based company selling vintage design ideas to major corporations worldwide. Suzi Morris has healed three properties for me over the past couple of years: - a London Georgian flat; a residential property in Oxfordshire; and a shop and office space in West London. I was introduced to Suzi by my London architect and have been delighted with the results on each occasion.

The London Flat:
When I bought the first floor London flat,there were blood and urine stains on the carpets, which indicated that the person living there had been very unwell.  The bathroom was fitted to suit the needs of the tenant. I gutted the place, and created a beautiful living space.  However, the energy was still heavy in the bathroom, and the back bedroom. Suzi Morris came and cleansed the flat, and since then the whole aura has been lighter, and a general feeling of happiness runs thoughout the space.

The Residential Property in Oxfordshire:
I refurbished a timber studio and a cottage in a small Oxfordshire village, and joined the two together to create one property. Prior to Suzi's visit, the property did not feel as one, even though there was a physical link joining the two buildings together. An elderly gentleman had lived in the cottage for many years, and the energy was dark and stagnant in the cottage part of the building. Suzi came and cleansed and united the property, and the whole atmosphere has changed unbelievably for the better.  The light is dazzling throughout, and there is a feeling of happiness, creativity, relaxation and wellbeing now. Visitors remark on the wonderful atmosphere here.

The Shop and Office Space:
I recently bought a Georgian shop in West London,which was greatly in need of attention. The property had been neglected for many years, by previous short term rental tenants, and the atmosphere was dark and dusty. The basement had little light, and was cold and unfriendly. I refurbished the place,and although it looked much better, there was still a feeling of heaviness throughout. Suzi came to the property and worked on the energy, and since then the whole place has seemed lighter and happier. The atmosphere amongst the staff is harmonious and joyful, and clients remark on the wonderful feeling they sense when they walk through the shop doors.

A Final Thought:
I had never considered having this sort of energy cleansing carried out on a property before, but highly recommend it to those who seek an enormous improvement in the atmosphere of their buildings, whether residential or commercial. This improvement can enhance one's lifestyle and commercial ventures enormously, and the positive power of Suzi's work should be acknowledged highly.

Susanna Samson The Vintage Collection, CEO