Birgit Gunz Frankonia The Bread House

Several years ago our premises seemed riddled with “Gremlins”. Much went wrong, equipment continually failed and staff were arguing. A friend recommended Suzi and suggested I hire her to clear and heal our space and re-establish “order”. With an open mind I was willing to try anything as things were really most disturbing at work. Suzi came along, cleared and healed our space, then protected it from further turbulence.

Almost instantly after the staff’s quarrels stopped, equipment ran smoothly and the company started doing extremely well. Suzi put in lots of effort and what she did clearly worked and was also very powerful. I was absolutely delighted. I have hired Suzi several times since to clear different spaces and each time she has well and truly worked her magic.

Today I would never occupy a new space without getting her to clear it first. She has a very special gift and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Birgit Gunz Frankonia The Bread House, Managing Director