Property Healing

Suzi Morris clears negative energies and atmospheres (and unwelcome entities and ghosts) as part of her property healing service, so they feel and look lighter, brighter, warm and welcoming. 

Her work is particularly beneficial for wedding venues and reception areas (please note that Suzi only works on secular buildings), stately homes, flats, studios, offices, historic buildings, farms, land and stables. 

Suzi applies two techniques – dowsing and Vortex Healing Energetic Therapy – in which she is a fully trained and certified practitioner. The Vortex technique originated in India some 5,600 years ago and is a method by which divine light or energy is channelled in a specific direction by the healer to clear away negative, heavy atmospheres and replace them with uplifting, positive energy. 

Suzi also uses dowsing rods to locate areas of geopathic stress, which can result in Sick Building Syndrome. She then advises on repositioning of work, relaxation and sleeping areas within a room.

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