Special Event

Suzi Morris at the Ghost Forest Project, Trafalgar Square, London

To bring attention to deforestation and its links to climate change, the huge roots of ten massive rainforest trees logged in Ghana were installed in Trafalgar Square by artist Angela Palmer. This “Ghost Forest” then traveled to Copenhagen for the UN’s Climate Change Conference.

Suzi Morris was invited to Trafalgar Square to channel Vortex Healing light into the Ghost Forest. Afterwards, a ritualistic blessing was performed by two shamans from the Amazon rainforest – Chief Tashka, of the Yawanawa tribe, and shaman Matsini – both wearing feathered headdresses and with faces painted in tribal markings.

Chief Tashka was intrigued by Suzi’s work. “There was a very happy, natural atmosphere that night. I spoke to the chief about the space healing I perform for the planet and his face lit up.” After Suzi’s healing and the shamans’ blessing, the site was noticeably lighter and happier. “The energies around the trees were more harmonious, and there was an enveloping, gentle atmosphere,” Suzi says.

Members of the general public were intrigued by the ceremonies and impressed that Suzi and the shamans were volunteering their skills. “It felt like a good place, right in the middle of the city,” Suzi says.