Are celebrity homes any different to ours?

    Suzi's healing work with leading lights fro the film and TV world such as Paul McKenna and the production company Tiger Aspect might give the impression that house healing is only for A-listers with healthy bank balances to match.

    But Suzi says that many of her house healer clients are on very normal incomes, and the problems she encounters can be common in the grandest to the most humble of homes.  From unhappy spirits that make their presence known to environments that simply make you feel down, there can be all sorts of reasons why house healing is needed to change and brighten the atmosphere in any kind of home.

    Paul McKenna described Suzi on Twitter as 'amazing' after her latest clearing of energy in his home before a successful house sale.  Paul explains: "Suzi has done her remarkable work on my four properties.  Each time, the atmosphere within the buildings has significantly changed for the better and my luck has improved.  I can't believe this is a coincidence.  I know several other people who have had the same positive experience, therefore I highly recommend Suzi Morris's vortex healing for anyone who wants to bring positive energy into their environment.

    Her work on Paul's homes in Hollywood and the Tiger Aspect in London involved the sort of challenges that can be faced in any building.  Maureen McMunn, a director of Tiger Aspect Television Production, said: "Our company moved to new premises last year and Suzi set about getting rid of the old and negative and instilling some new positive energy.  It has proven to be a productive and happy building where the company continues to go from strength to strength."  Suzi says: "The latest special healing I carried out for Paul made sure his house sold quickly.  I've helped lots of estate agents and homeowners overcome similar healing challenges, from very small flats to much larger buildings.  It is wonderful to be able to help people completely change the vitality, dynamism and light wherever they live or work.  No matter what problems you face there is always the potential for spaces to become happier."