• House Healing: a personal experience

    I have been working with Suzi for about a year, helping write blogs for her website about her work and learning a little more every time about what she does. Although I don’t know much about the spirit world, I do know how important it is to keep an open mind and I do believe that there is more to life than what happens on this earth. I’ve sometimes felt the loving presence of my grandparents who died many years ago, and the stories I’ve heard from Suzi and her clients about how she has helped release unhappy spirits have created goosebumps on my arms and made my hair stand on end.

    But I was yet to experience what actually happens when your house is healed. So I was intrigued and excited when we made arrangements for Suzi to visit on a warm September afternoon. Although Suzi said it wasn’t necessary to tidy up before she came it was my natural instinct to make our home feel as calm and inviting as possible. My husband joked that I would be negating the effect of anything Suzi might do if it ended up looking uncharacteristically sparkling.

    I soon learned though that despite my best efforts I had not tuned into how the house was feeling and according to Suzi it felt sad! She kindly pointed out that this was nothing to do with me or the way the house was decorated, it was just that there was a density of negative energy in certain places that needed clearing. Before we began Suzi asked me how I felt about the house and if I knew any of its history and I had to confess I didn’t know very much.

    As a typical Victorian terrace house however, it was possible that somebody had died in our home, or if not, that the furniture or even the earth underneath could be creating a negative atmosphere. I have an antique half of a wooden door from Afghanistan as decoration on the sitting room wall, and Suzi immediately said she could feel a density of energy from it, but not to worry, we could lighten it up.

    So what actually happens during a healing? Suzi arrived with a bag of precious objects that she proceeded to carefully lay out on a cloth on top of a table I had specially moved into the centre of the house. I then took part in a very calming and meditative prayer led by Suzi, before heading round the house together with two pairs of elegantly curved copper dowsing rods. We started outside the house on the front path as Suzi says the entrance to a home is particularly important. She strongly felt negative energy here, and her rods swung together, crossing over quickly. Holding my own pair of rods with trepidation, mine too started to move and crossover without me applying any pressure. Crossed rods show a negative energy, and open rods demonstrate a positive energy. Interestingly, the reaction in my hands seemed stronger on the left side than the right. Suzi said this wasn’t significant as rods can react in many different ways with different people, for example, shaking as well as opening or closing. Our hallway also generated the same crossing over response in both mine and Suzi’s rods, as did the whole of the downstairs including the garden. Upstairs the only room where both our rods didn’t move was my daughter’s bedroom. When I relayed this to my daughter later on she was of course delighted! The rods continued to crossover in our other rooms including the relatively new loft extension.

    I then left the house to allow Suzi to do her work, which follows a system that she has developed over many years of practice. Her approach includes Vortex Divine Energy Healing, using the divining rods to check for geopathic stress lines and using a monitor to detect radiation from wifi and other devices.

    I returned after a few hours with my children and we moved back around the house and garden together with the rods. This time, the rods opened wide in both mine and Suzi’s hands, showing that the negative energies had been released. One of my daughters wanted to experience the rods for herself and they opened up in her hands too. Suzi explained that this was because she had released unhappy spirits and asked if as well as the rods I felt anything different? It is difficult to define, but without moving any furniture our sitting room did look brighter and wider than before and I felt a lovely calm in the house. The only physical change that Suzi suggested was to turn off the wi-fi router at night and to unlock and unblock the door that leads directly into our sitting room, as she felt the house and energies within it would have a better flow.

    We might not have had problems with poltergeists, which Suzi says are just unhappy ghosts trapped in this world, but since her visit I’ve tried to tune into our home more than before, instead of taking it for granted and I’m noticing that the atmosphere does feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful. Although it may seem difficult to understand if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, or felt the rods move in your own hands, our home definitely feels happier.

    Mary Sweeting