A few years ago I met up with a good friend for lunch. She and her family had just moved in to their ‘dream home’ in North London, and I couldn't wait to hear all about it. Expecting her to gush enthusiastically for hours on end, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their 'dream home' had in fact ended up being a living nightmare.

    Disturbed sleep was initially the main problem. Her partner would wake in the middle of the night feeling like electric currents were running through his body. Before too long, the whole family were experiencing the same thing. As tiredness set in immunity became low, and health began to suffer. Feeling extremely anxious and depressed every time they set foot in the house, they decided to seek solace in a rental property nearby as they paid for their house to be investigated.

    The electrics were deemed fine; an exorcist confirmed there were no troubled spirits; but what three separate Geomancer experts unearthed was that the geopathic stress lines running under their house were so severe that their only option was to move house – for good. Needless to say, they only moved in to their subsequent homes after they were tested for geopathic stress first.

    Not everyone with Sick Building Syndrome experiences it to this degree as Suzi Morris – Geopathic Stress Expert and Property Healer can confirm: “A client asked me to visit his daughter’s ground floor flat as she was repeatedly unwell. I immediately detected geopathic stress lines running under her property, in particular under her bed, so I advised her to move her bed to the other room.”

    Geopathic stress lines can be very addictive. Certain plants like ivy thrive from it, and animals such as cats are drawn to it. In Morris’s case, the daughter ignored her advice so it took a return visit after a desperate plea from her client (the woman by now had been diagnosed with ME) before anything significant could be achieved. Willing to try anything, the woman finally agreed to move her bed. That night she admitted to having the best night’s sleep she’d ever had in her home, and all signs of ME began to fade.

    Like geopathic stress, leylines can also have a negative impact on health as one of Morris’s Clients can corroborate: “After moving in to our new home in Oxfordshire, our three children began to suffer with severe health problems one after the other. My wife and I also felt incredibly tired and run down and neither of us could work out why.”

    Many would put this down to bad luck, but after the father of the family discovered that part of his Grade II listed property ran over a well-known leyline, he was determined to find out more and contacted Morris: “Suzi confirmed that the leyline was pressing on the wall of the childrens’ bedrooms at one end of the house and the kitchen below. After she rechanneled the pressure from the leyline, none of us became ill again and our home felt lighter, brighter and less oppressed.”

    Unfortunately leylines cannot be relocated, but as Morris explains they can be regularly treated: “I was asked to return after refurbishment works took place and noticed that the house had regressed. The pressure from the leyline had returned. After further rechanneling, it felt considerably more positive, but I may well need to return again.”

    Most people would say that they get an immediate sense as to whether a property feels right or wrong the minute they walk through the door, but could they tell you why? Step forward the experts. As Morris’s Oxfordshire Client concludes: “If we do ever decide to move, I will definitely ask Suzi to survey our next property first, as it may save us from making a huge mistake.”