It’s a well-known fact that the best time to sell a property is in the Spring. You’ve de-cluttered, addressed any decorating issues, and put it on the market. Months later it’s still not sold and the Agent has exhausted every marketing technique in the book. Or has he/she?

    The property market is notorious for its peaks and troughs and any Estate Agent would tell you that they need to react quickly to the ever-changing demands of a volatile industry. Valuing a property too high can quite often be the contributing factor to not getting people through the door. While others would argue that it has nothing to do with price and more about how it’s being marketed. Competition within the property sector is fierce and going that extra mile tends to win over those keen to sell or buy.

    For Managing Director of Chelsea and Kensington Estate Agents Cutler & Bond Tim Day he has adopted a much more innovative strategy to selling stubborn properties and appears to be reaping the rewards. He explains: “Many years ago I was working for a Chelsea Estate Agent and business wasn’t great. Everything seemed to be going wrong. The owner had been told about Suzi Morris “The House Whisperer” and how effective her property healing was. So she invited Suzi to our work premises and the results were incredible! It was like everything negative trapped within that building had completely disappeared and only positivity shone through. The business made a complete u-turn and instantaneously became successful once again. This was definitely no coincidence.”

    Day set up his own Estate Agency several years later and having never forgotten his experience with Morris, has used her time and time again. With an almost 100% track record, she has worked on both rental and sales, commercial and residential, but normally only when the property has taken longer than average to let or sell. Would it not be a good idea to invite Morris to clear the property before it went on the market?

    “Absolutely!” confirms Day “But it’s hard convincing people that a technique such as space clearing is genuinely going to work. Don’t forget people can be very sceptical about something they are unfamiliar with.”

    If it’s tangible evidence that customers need, then Morris can provide it. Involving people is something she fully encourages: “I walk around the property with the Client using dowsing rods to detect where negative energies, thought-forms or entities might be. I then let them hold the dowsing rods to experience the movement of the rods themselves – this is the ‘before’. After I have conducted vortex energy healing on the property, I invite them back to hold the rods again to witness the ‘after’. The rods should change direction which indicates that the negativity has gone and instead been replaced with positivity and light” explains Morris. “People also see and in some instances feel the difference in the building too.”

    The dowsing rods are also used to identify if there are any geopathic stress lines running throughout the building. This is something recognised by the World Health Organisation today and can cause serious illnesses such as cancer and ME. Morris can then advise where and how to reposition key areas within the home to avoid such lines, which can become very addictive.

    It reminds me of a few years ago when good friends experienced deteriorating illnesses shortly after moving in to their ‘dream’ home. After exploring every possibility, and three geopathic stress specialists later, they were advised to move out of the home they had spent so long finding as the lines were so severe. When they finally found another property to move in to they decided to have the building checked for geopathic stress lines before even making an offer. Their previous experience had all been too much.

    I wonder therefore if this could become a mandatory inclusion for House Surveys in the future? Or will Estate Agents – like Day - introduce a house clearance service as part of their marketing ploy? Only time will tell…