Several years ago, Suzi Morris was contacted by multi-millionaire, best selling author, hypnotist, self-help practioner and TV presenter Paul McKenna to clear and heal his estate. So impressed was he by the results, he invited her back to clear and heal three more of his homes.

    "Suzi has done her remarkable work on my four properties. Each time, the atmosphere within the buildings has significantly changed for the better and my luck has improved. I can't believe this is a coincidence. I know several other people who have had the same positive experience. Therefore I highly recommend Suzi Morris's vortex healing for anyone who wants to bring positive energy into their environment," McKenna confirms.

    Morris has been healing and clearing properties around the world for nearly 40 years. Besides residential, she is approached about commercial buildings too. These can include anything from factories and offices to restaurants and shops. And contrary to popular believe, it’s not just the ‘A-listers that get in touch. Morris is contacted by a diverse Clientele - families, professionals, and self-effacing members of the public - for numerous reasons. For some it’s in relation to repeated illness, others because they feel their property may be jinxed, and there are those extreme cases where an unwanted spirit needs to be released.

    Like dowsers detect water sources, Morris carefully observes the movement of the rods to identify where “negative energies, negative thought forms and negative entities” are within a property and its environment. She invites Clients to hold the rods, and experience it for themselves. “I feel this provides the tangible evidence that some people need. This is the ‘before’, then I invite them back to experience the ‘after’,” she clarifies.

    Morris then re-dowses for Geopathic Stress lines (did you know people can get addicted to Geopathic Stress?), which is now something recognised by the World Health Organisation as causing stress and fatigue and sometimes serious illness such as ME.

    The healing process then takes places. It involves Vortex Energy Healing, an ancient technique originated in India 5,600 years ago, crystals and guides. Divine light is channelled in a specific direction by Morris to clear away negative and heavy atmospheres, and it’s replaced with uplifting positive energy.

    Following the healing, Clients not only feel but see the difference in their property describing it as having a “general sense of well being”, appearing “brighter, lighter and smoother”, and “possessing more clarity”. The dowsing rods are reintroduced for affirmation. Moving in a different direction, they are physical proof that negative energy has indeed been dispelled and positive put in its place. And if that wasn’t enough, nearly every one of Morris’s Clients when asked what effect it has had on their lives claim how much their luck has improved.

    Prices vary according to the size of the property, but each job entails research, planning and preparation work the day before she visits. Unlike some healers, Morris likes to attend every location in person rather than conduct ‘remote healing’: “I prefer to go on site and physically be there with the building. Each property is like a person and I feel very protective about that property. I feel a connection when clearing, a special interaction, so it is very important for me to actually see and feel that all the negativity has gone.”