If you’re new to the idea of healing, it can be difficult to define exactly why you think something is not right with your home. Suzi Morris finds she is approached by people for a whole host of reasons, but the common thread is negative energy that makes people who visit or live in the space feel unhappy. Suzi says: “People don’t need to feel embarrassed or worried that there’s nothing they can do. I have been helping people heal and revitalise their homes for over 30 years and encountered many different problems, all of which can be overcome.”

    Lots of people don’t realise that antique furniture can carry unhappy memories, with old arguments and negative energy seeping out. One of Suzi’s interior design clients had adapted an old coffin and a priest’s confession box, without considering the full impact of its history. Even new furniture might have been made by someone in poor conditions who was deeply unhappy, and that negative energy can also be absorbed. Suzi ‘s methodical whole house approach means that all the rooms and objects within them can be healed, whatever the cause.

    The trend for extending homes below ground often leads to problems because although the building may be structurally sound, no-one has considered the impact of digging up the earth. If earth is unsettled and unhappy spirits released, major problems can be caused. On one occasion, Suzi’s healing powers were called upon to help a family living in a new build house in Wandsworth that had unknowingly been built on a former mental institution. The children kept seeing spirits at the window, with the plumbing and lighting behaving erratically. Suzi was able to address every level of the house, including the foundations and earth the building was sitting on, healing and calming the earth, with the family happily reporting that everything had returned to normal.

    Other reasons include: 

    • Dark and stagnant spaces Many people report that their house feels gloomy and stagnant and lacking in joy. Without redecorating or rearranging furniture, Suzi is able to lighten and brighten spaces like these by channelling Divine energy into the house

    • Homes being difficult to sell Suzi is employed by developers and estate agents to help sell houses that have been on the market for a long time. After Suzi’s intervention, homes are quickly sold, such as a flat that had been on the market for over a year but then sold within two days for the full asking price

    • Geopathic stress lines and 24/7 technology By using her dowsing rods Suzi is able to offer clients advice about re-positioning furniture like beds to avoid geopathic stress lines which can cause unexplained health issues. Suzi also advises switching off devices and wi-fi routers to create a peaceful home and avoid any health problems later down the line

    • Strange noises, power cuts, plumbing or machinery problems Unhappy spirits can cause real disruption in homes, with objects moved, lights mysteriously turned on or off or plumbing issues. Instead of needing to move, Suzi can help release the unhappy spirits that are trapped and rebalance the building, without the cost or stress of moving

    • Arguments and relationship breakdowns Unhappy relationships can have a profound effect on spaces even after former residents have moved out. Suzi also recounts the experience of one client, a factory manager who was encountering repeated problems with his paint machine breaking down, and staff frequently arguing. By releasing the entity in the machine, the office was able to return to its usual harmony and productivity